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Sometimes winters aren't just bitter, they're gloomy and depressing. And on a biting continuously grey day there's nothing better than sitting in front of an open fire and enjoying the warmth it gives. It gives you that eternal hope that winter will soon move over to spring.
Over the years modern open fires have improved massively. The heat no longer just shoots up the chimney and vanishes into the cold. Gone has the days where you could only afford to heat one room. And in their place are modern, efficient, refined models, conveniently small and cost effective.

High output ranges mean your domestic open fire will be beautiful, elegant, dirt-free, secure, uncomplicated and extremely economical. And in the background it will produce all the hot water you need for both your central heating and household use.

Heating with wood

Watching the fire in a wood burning stove is simple understated romance. And it is also extremely environmentally friendly. When burning the wood the same amount of carbon dioxide is released as when a tree first starts to grow. Wood is therefore a CO2-neutral fuel that does not add to the greenhouse effect.

Heating with gas

Heating with gas is easy and convenient. With a gas stove you muster your beautiful fireplace in seconds with the touch of a button. Also the flame of a gas stove glows with the same naturalistic flame as in a wood fire.

There is also the added ease of a remote control that means you can fully ignite your fire from the comfort of your sofa.

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