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The benefits and beauty of traditional sash windows

Many Georgian and Victorian buildings featured timber framed sash windows, and many of these can be seen right across Suffolk. Sash windows are unfortunately thought of as problematic, but you merely need to do some maintenance every now and then. Unlike today’s windows with their complicated design and structure and one-piece uPVC components, a wooden sash window can be repaired quite straightforwardly by an experienced joiner.

It’s the fact that these windows can be repaired that is why so many of sash windows are still in place across Suffolk. So long as you keep the wood protected from the elements with paint or varnish when it’s needed your sash windows can and will last for a long, long time. Modern uPVC windows can be expected to last at most 35 years, whereas sash windows can easily last a century. In fact the oldest sash windows still in place were installed when Charles II was on the throne.

Joinery Suffolk Joinery Suffolk
Traditional hardwood sash windows are ideal for a
range of properties including period homes
With professional maintenance and installation,
sash wooden windows can last for many years




  Joinery Suffolk


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