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There are so many benefits to installing automatic gate openers to your property.  Often home owners already have existing gates, some in great designs and finishes which add style and value to their home and yet, by and large they are only left in one position all the time - open!

This is commonly because of ease and convenience.  Think of your usual day; get up, get the kids ready,  make breakfast, then into the car and off on the school run or to work... and yes, it's pouring with rain - you drive directly out and your gone.  The gates didn't move and have therefore become redundant and in all probability rusty.

But, by installing automatic gate openers, your gates are given a new lease of life and become a real solution to your home security by creating a protective barrier for your home.  This can make life very difficult for any potential opportunist burglars bringing a vehicle in and driving away with all your worldly possessions. Yes, they may still be able to climb your fence or wall but having a locked gate in place stops them from having an easy get away.

Also if you have small children, assuming the rest of the perimeter is secure, a closed gate can offer considerate peace of mind that they are still on the premises and have not wandered out into any main roads.

Now, picture the above scenario again... and yes, it’s still pouring with rain - you press your automatic gate remote control button and the gates open - you drive out and you’re gone - the gates closing behind you and your home is left safe and secure. Effortless convenience is now a way of life.

And don't those once static useless gates look great in their black wrought iron finish!

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