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When it comes to warming your home under floor heating products have substantial advantages over more traditional forms of heating.  Radiators heat the room from the side, and as hot air rises then the radiator generally needs to be turned up to a higher temperature to warm the room, this can result in a much greater waste of energy and money.

Under floor heating allows the heat to rise slowly from underneath the floor. This concentrates the heat between the floor and just above head height, which not only means that sufficient warmth is provided directly to where it matters but that fewer draughts are produced at ceiling height. This means there is less energy used over time and gives the user more control over temperature settings.

There are two types of under floor heating products consisting of either water based or electric systems. In water based products water at around 50 degrees celsius is transported through pipes underneath the floor. Both methods are equally effective, but one drawback to the water based is that it takes longer to heat up a typical concrete floor, several hours in fact. Electric systems are better for this, although they do still remain a little slower than radiators. Electric systems usually comprise of heating mats of 160 watts and 200 watts, which can be used on most floors and in union with just about any overlay, such as carpet.

Electric under floor heating pads can be cut to any size, making them perfect for awkward sized rooms. In addition these products are effortlessly suited to wet rooms and bathrooms because of the ease of installation.

Installing an under floor heating system in the bathroom is completely safe and easy to fit. Like any bathroom flooring the overlay must be waterproofed to avoid damage. Where bathroom radiators normally overheat the room due to the small size of the area, under floor methods will gently and simply provide pleasant warmth under foot, for those bare feet just out of bed moments.

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