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Suffolk Pest Control
With a RSPH qualified company you will be able to ensure the most effective solutions are used to resolve your problem whilst utilising environmentally friendly and non-harmful methods of pest control.

With a professional pest control company that specialise in the removal of insects, birds, rodents and other small pests from home and commercial properties you are able to remove unwanted intruders with ease.

Apart from the obvious risks to human health and hygiene, the sound of gnawing teeth or the pitter patter of feet in a loft or wall space at night can be seriously demoralising. Rodents can also do a lot of damage, especially to wiring, if left un-treated. With a professional pest control expert you will be able to return to living without rats or mice intruding within your property.


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Pest Control Suffolk

Ants can infest any ground floor room or basement and usually access your property via gaps beneath the damp-proof course. An indoor ant infestation can be a real headache. A professional pest control expert is able to provide a fast and efficient service to remove ants with minimal fuss.

A summer nuisance, wasps will build their nests just about anywhere, in lofts, attics, wall cavities, garden sheds and holes in the ground. They pose a very real threat to all those that share their environment, including children, neighbours and pets. With the use of a pest control professional you can have cost effective solutions to remove the wasps and then minimise the chance of their return.






  Pest Control Suffolk  

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