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Choosing the best Suffolk Fencing Contractor for the job, below is some advice on choosing the right fencing for your needs.

One of the main reasons for garden fencing is to accent and define areas of your garden but there are many other purposes of garden fencing.

Garden fencing can be the perfect accent to your landscaping and the variety of options for you to choose from are endless, all of our fencing contractors will be happy to help and give advice on what fencing would best suit your garden and offer you the options with estimates on the cost. When deciding on the type of fencing to use for your property the decision largley comes down to two considerations - what practical purpose the fence will serve and how you want it to look. Some times the form and fuction do not work best together, for example if you would like the look of a small wooden fence to surround your garden but would also have security concerns you may have to reconsider.

If you have decided on wood fencing for your property there is a nice variety in choice which could work well with your landscape design or house style.

Suffolk Fencing Contractor

Here are a few wood fencing options:

  • Slit-rail wood fencing - giving a rough and rugged finish
  • Picket style fencing - works well for cottage style homes and traditional English gardens

If your more concerned about the function of your fencing rather than the form there are alot of things to consider, whether you are trying to keep animals in the garden such as a pet dog or trying to keep animals out of the garden such as deer. Security is one of the other practical functions many homeowners are looking for when searching for the right fencing in this case metal fencing is generally considered superior to wood fences.

If your main concern for the fence is for privacy there is a large variety of choice whether it is in terms of noise or visual barriers there are some most attractive fencing options available.

Lattice screens add abit of style to your garden and can be used to hide many imperfections such as hiding a compost heap in the corner of your garden. If you have fencing to provide privacy around your property using a level of lattice fencing at the top works well to add that bit of airness and decoration.






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