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Biomass Boilers Suffolk
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Biomass Boilers Suffolk
Biomass boilers are wood fuelled boilers that are an environmentally friendly way of producing energy for your home or business making you money at the same time thanks to the (RHI) renewable heat incentive which is in operation today. Biomass Boilers burn wood chip, wood pellets and wood logs made from sustainable wood sources; which means that they are capable of absorbing the same amount of carbon dioxide when they are growing as they emit when they are burning.
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At Woodburning Solutions we supply biomass boilers from HDG Euroheat. Our Biomass Boilers come in a range fuel types, wood pellet, wood chip and wood log.

The come in a different range of heat outputs ranging from 10 kilowatts - most suited for small domestic homes to 1 Megawatt - suited for large commercial uses. So regardless of your biomass needs, Wood Burning Solutions will have the perfect solution for you.
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